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This is my last vain effort at getting above the mighty Princely Bibi with his simple Blogger profile. I need to improve one place in the rankings in order to avoid the embarrassment of wearing a banana suit in the office tomorrow, and more worringly, being known as the SEO Fail for a simple-looking office dj challenge.

It’s been a long, hard road, and I haven’t really put in enough effort with my SEO skills, the likes of superstar magician Lewy, and MikeHallSEO have established sites and have actually put the effort in, but alas, my meagre attempts may prove fruitless.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this ridiculous series of blogs on the art of dj’ing in an office, and I look forward to the next challenge, wherever and whenver that may be.

Until the next time . . .


The forfeit for the loser in the superstar office dj challenge is to wear a banana suit for the day in the office.

Now, I don’t know about you, but the idea of sitting at work dressed as a yellow fruit for all the world to see is not my idea of a good time.

I am quite keen on yellow as a colour, but only for t-shirts and shirts, and not elongated fruit-based clothing. The thought of wearing a banana suit for being the ‘loser’ is something that fills me with dread, so I MUST NOT LOSE!!!

Keep your eyes and ears open for the latest news and don’t forget to keep searching for superstar office dj to see who comes out on top!!

The deadline is drawing near for the superstar office DJ SEO challenge!

With only one week to go, the office DJs are doing everything possible to improve their rankings and there are some particularly underhand tactics being undertaken by certain members of the superstar community!!!

One of the leading contenders is which has burst onto the scene in the last few days and is gradually creeping up page one of Google and starting to threaten the encumbents in the higher positions.

Office DJs will be competing hard

No doubt, over the last week of the competition, many of the DJs will resort to tactics which are less than acceptable, but as this is a no-holds-barred competition, I wish them all the best in their efforts, but there can only be one winner!!

Well, it would appear that the DJ superstars of the office have decided that the loser of the challenge will have to spend the day in the office wearing a banana suit. Now, I don’t know about you, but the office disc jockeys that I know certainly don’t get dressed-up for work.

The usual office DJ get-up consists of Converse Trainers, a check shirt and jeans – NOT a banana suit.

I must not lose this challenge.

There is apparently a new superstar office DJ on the block!!! Russ has quite clearly gained the initiative in the superstar wars, the office DJs throughout the world are now quaking in their boots at the new arrival.


Superstar office DJs are popping up all over the place now. We have them on Grooveshark, Picassa and Blogger. The competition is hotting up and there’s not long to go!

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